Most of our software projects have been developed expressly for our customers like an exclusive suit made by a team of stylists and tailors.

Recent Projects

Enterprise Resource Planning modules

Platform: WEB

Our ERP collection of modules provides a unified platform to streamline all back-office processes, like accounting, CRM, and ecommerce.

With built-in business intelligence, reporting, and real-time visibility across your organization, our ERP module empowers businesses of all sizes and industries to unleash growth, reduce IT costs, and eliminate operational inefficiencies allowing you to focus on key, revenue-generating decisions, rather than worry about your back-end systems.

Includes: Financial Management, HR Management, Inventory Management, Order Management, Project Management, Purchase Order Management, Reporting/Analytics, Warehouse Management, Invoices and documents and many others.

B2B and B2C

Platform: WEB

CKWARE's B2B software solutions unifies our ERP Module, customer data, inventory, ordering, and payments in a single platform.

B2B automates ordering, manage inventory, provide a knowledge base, and offer other features that can save them valuable man hours and make you appear more favorable.
And while cutting off opportunities to strengthen the human connection might sound like a bad idea, remember to think like a customer and deliver the experience they want.

B2C software includes direct payments using the most popular online payment systems. Coupons, campains, referers, and many options.

Our B2B and B2C solutions offer multiple interfaces and API's to connect orders and customers to your main ERP software.

Platform: Microsoft Windows executable 32 and 64 bit versions

WinVideo has become the top selling software about rent and sell different kind of products and focused for DVD and Blu-Rays media.

WinVideo lifecycle started in year 2000 and still supported and updated.
With more than 4000 licenses in 12 different countries, has been CKWARE most sold software for Microsoft Windows.
WinVideo includes integrated modules such as:

  • - Kiosks: Automatic delivery rental/sell machines (vending machines)
  • - Internet reservations
  • - CKWARE databank with 80,000+ references with text and multimedia
  • - Customizable modules
  • - POS integration

Platform: WEB

VisualRent is the web conversion of WinVideo and soon became a very strong engine for multiple projects, starting from a singe dynamic web site to a very complex web project.

We use VisualRent engine for projects including e-commerce, logistics and invoices management and many other projects requiring full data security storage and fast execution.

VisualRent is installed on big stores, franchising and chain stores.

VisualRent is written in PHP and Python and include:

  • - Multiple Databases support: mySQL (MariaDB), mongoDB, Oracle
  • - Ajax and jQuery
  • - UI interface using Bootstrap, Materialize, and many other responsive frameworks

Visualrent engine is now integrated in hundreds of projects.

Kiosks & Delivery Machines

Platform: WEB and Microsoft Windows

Kiosks software is focused to automatic vending machines. CKWARE provides both Admin (Web interface) and Client (User interface on kiosk).

Web Sites

Platform: WEB

We develope WEB sites, both statics and dynamics.
Code is developed by us. We do not use any kind of commercial or not commercial CMS or ready made "one binary" sites.

We create site writing ALL code from scratch and, of course, using our tested libraries.
We always deliver to our customers complete site source code.
If you need Wordpress sites or need a better hosting solution for your sites, check our Hosting section

Our commitments:
  • - Site must be extremely FAST
  • - Site must be SECURE
  • - We love minimal user interfaces with great work behind the user
  • - Site must be EASY to export to other platforms
  • - Site needs immediate support in case of failures

We have not immediate ready made solutions or ready templates.
We start from idea, then search the best environment and solutions, then start to design and develope, then test and launch the site in production.














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